About CE

At Arizona State University, our mission is rooted in a commitment to excellence, access and impact. We measure ourself by those we include, not by those we exclude. We pursue research that contributes to the public good and addresses the world’s most pressing challenges, whether they be economic, social or cultural in nature.

It is because of these commitments that continuing education at ASU is so important. Each year more than 10,000 people - ranging from curious individuals to focused working adults to inquisitive retirees - expand their horizons and improve themselves by participating in noncredit courses, workshops or certificate programs. Whether you are looking for a professional certificate, enrichment opportunities, or corporate training, we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals by means of accessible, high quality, and challenging courses.

We are passionate about sharing the rich educational resources of ASU with both the local community and the world at large. We welcome individuals, organizations, and communities to engage in our innovative, interactive, and transformative learning experiences.

Welcome to ASU Continuing Education.