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What is ASU Startup School?

ASU Startup School is a comprehensive and proven framework for developing ventures. Startup School is a series of facilitated workshops wherein entrepreneurs learn what they need to do in order to develop a successful venture. 

There are three stages to ASU Startup School. Each stage includes learning objectives, a video introduction from an ASU Startup School instructor and links to important content from expert entrepreneurs around the world. Each stage dives deep into the topics of developing customers, your enterprise and your team. As a student interested in Startup School, you can start ASU Startup School in any stage. However if you are new to entrepreneurship, you should begin in Stage 1.

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3 Stages for 3 Types of Students

Register for ASU Startup School, Stage 1
If you have an idea that you have not yet turned into a business or organization, start in Stage 1. You will learn how to refine your proposed solution to a problem that you are trying to solve. In Stage 1 you will be introduced to the nuts and bolts of starting your own venture and you'll be left with an understanding of whether or not your idea is ready to grow.

Register for ASU Startup School, Stage 2
If you've already launched your venture, Stage 2 provides the resources you need to scale your idea in a smart and strategic way. In Stage 2 you will learn about developing prototypes, minimum viable products, and launching your solution in the marketplace. If concepts such as prototyping and minimum viable products are new to you, we recommend you take step back and start in Stage 2.

ASU Startup School, Stage 3 -- coming soon!
Your idea has successfully launched and you're ready to scale it in the marketplace... welcome to Stage 3 of Startup School. In Stage 3 you will learn how to make the necessary tweaks to your venture, your team and your understanding of your customers so that your success continues to grow.

As you finish each stage, you will want to refer back to this page to access the additional stages. We recommend bookmarking this page so that it's easy to dive back in and learn more about entrpreneurship through ASU Startup School.


This is an online self-paced course. After registering, you can access the online course by clicking the 'My CE' tab and then following the 'Blackboard 1.0' link to the right of the course title under 'Courses I'm registered for'.

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